People holding hands in compassionPastoral care and counseling is a Christ-centered, biblically-based and Holy Spirit empowered process of personal and spiritual growth. It’s mentoring and discipling. It is intentionally working to renew your mind with God’s truth in order to understand your true identity as a new creation in Christ and to live in accordance with that identity.

The beliefs we have about ourselves, God and others is the fountain of every one of our thoughts, emotions and behaviors.  We formed our beliefs mostly  through our experiences with our parents, peers and community when we were young children. They formed unconsciously because as young children we did’t have the cognitive ability to objectively evaluate our experiences. We were incapable of discerning if what we thought or believed about them or ourselves was actually true.

For example, perhaps you struggled with learning math in school and no matter how hard you tried, you weren’t able to get anything above a C.  And perhaps a parent, your teacher, or a schoolmate shamed you about that when they called you stupid and a failure.  An adult with full cognitive development might be able to objectively evaluate that statement and see that it’s false.  They could reason out the situation and conclude they aren’t stupid, and struggling with math does not make them a failure. They can observe a solution and decide on another method of instruction or a different teacher. Not so a child.  Those false statements – those lies – are received unfiltered and unexamined and “stupid” and “a failure” may become accepted as truths they believe about themselves.

These beliefs, whatever they are, drive our thoughts, emotions and behaviors. They strongly influence our ability (or inability) to experience the peace of Christ in our lives or to live the abundant, victorious life he promised and died to give us.  Many Christians feel defeated, frustrated, guilty and shamed in their Christian life as a result.   Many have even questioned their faith and relationship with Christ and given up hope of ever experiencing victory and peace.

That’s where All Things New can help.  Our SoulCare™ pastoral care and counseling services can help a believer experience that longed-for and promised victory and peace.  Here’s how.

SoulCare™ Pastoral Care and Counseling is about:
  1. Exploring the relationships and experiences that shaped your beliefs.
  2. Exposing the false beliefs you may have formed around those relationships and experiences
  3. Understanding that your thoughts, emotions and behaviors are the direct results of your beliefs.
  4. Understanding the effects of your beliefs, thoughts, emotions and behaviors on your relationships with God, others, and yourself.
  5. Replacing them with new beliefs founded in the Truth of God’s word.
  6. Learning how Jesus made a way for you to have new beliefs, thoughts, emotions and behaviors through his work on the Cross (by making you a new creation, giving you a new identity and adopting you into His family).
  7. Understanding what all these things mean practically for your life right here, right now.

We explore topics such as:

  • The Lie
  • Separation
  • The two sides of the Cross
  • Human Needs
  • False Beliefs
  • New Life and Identity in Christ and What it Means
  • Flesh
  • Sin and Temptation
  • Law versus Grace
  • Salvation and Sanctification
  • Assurance
  • Freedom
  • Brokenness
  • Forgiveness
  • Abiding
  • Others as indicated by your circumstances (health, marriage, relationships, etc.)
Sanctification and Spiritual Formation

Spiritual formation and reading and learning God’s word are the foundation of SoulCare™ pastoral care and counseling. And then in cooperation with the Holy Spirit, we apply what we’ve learned to our whole lives.  This is sanctification through the renewing of the mind with God’s truth, living more and more, choice by choice, in God’s reality.  And as we renew our minds we are transformed (Romans 8:28) by the Holy Spirit into the new creation that we already are (2 Cor. 5:17).  We learn to abide and rest with our Father and experience profound intimacy with and trust in Him.  And as we rest, the stress and angst of living in this fallen world fades away. In it’s place we experience God’s peace which passes understanding, wholeness in spirit, soul and body, restoration in our relationships, and victory in our Christian walk.

What it’s Not

SoulCare™ pastoral care and counseling is not psychotherapy.  Our counselors are not licensed therapists, counselors or social workers. They don’t counsel with behavior modification or communication methods or offer solutions to problems or circumstances.  Rather, they are vessels for the Holy Spirit’s sanctifying work of the Body.  They are teachers who study and teach God’s word for the edification and maturation of each individual believer as well as the Body of Christ as a whole.  And they are pastors for the gathering, shepherding, care and healing of the fold. The Holy Spirit is the true Counselor and Healer. He longs to search the hearts of God’s children, reveal to them their brokenness, and heal their physical illnesses and emotional/mental wounds so they may live joyously and abundantly as Jesus promised they would (John 10:10). All pastoral counselors do is enable the work of the Holy Spirit.

SoulCare™ pastoral care and counseling is for anyone who is a Christian and is experiencing difficulties in any area of their lives such as their health, marriage, family relationships, finances, work/life dissatisfaction, bad church experience, betrayal, fear, anxiety or depression, parenting, faith, or addiction.

Jesus promised we would have trouble in this world, but he also told us to fear not, for he had overcome the world, and if we would abide in Him, He would be our victory.  SoulCare™ pastoral care and counseling can help you experience that victory in Christ.

To learn if All Things New is the right partner for you in your sanctification journey schedule your FREE SoulCare™ Discovery Session today.



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