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Renew the mind = Real change

We all have something in our lives we wish was different but which we feel powerless to change, whether it's a situation, a relationship, or a besetting behavior or sin that we just can't seem to overcome no matter what we do. We're left frustrated, defeated and maybe even bitter and hopeless about our inability to change and it causes great pain that affects every area of our lives.

But in Romans 12:2 God has given us the secret to real, lasting tranformation: Renewing of our minds.  

Holy Bible

Renewing the Mind

See, God created mankind as 3-in-1 beings (1 Thess. 5:23). We are essentially spiritual beings made in God's image. We have a soul made up of our mind, emotions and will. And we live in a body. Our spirit is our God-consciousness, our body is our material-consciousness and our soul is the bridge between them which enables the life of the Spirit to be expressed in and through our body.

But what happens if the bridge is weakened and dysfunctional, or even worse, is in enemy hands?  

The life of the Spirit to the body will be hindered or even choked off making it impossible for us to live in the abundance and grace of the Spirit, that's what.

We've tried to transform our lives by changing our behavior, but that's the way of the world and that's why it doesn't work. 

No, God says the SOUL is the key to living the abundant, victorious, peace-filled life we all want and which Jesus died to give us. We've got to take the bridge back.

Transform your soul, transform your life.

Here's how.....

Change Your


We learn to base our thoughts in God's Truth

Change Your


Our emotions are healed as they follow our thoughts

Change Your


Our choices & behaviors heal as they follow our thoughts and emotions


What Can You Achieve With SoulCare™ Pastoral Counseling?

SoulCare™ Pastoral Counseling is for anyone who feels stuck and defeated in their life. Perhaps you're struggling in your marriage or another important relationship. Or maybe you've experienced a deep loss, betrayal or trauma. Or perhaps you're struggling in your faith or experiencing a health issue. Maybe you just want deeper growth and a closer relationship with God. Whatever it is, pastoral counseling can help you grow, heal and transform.

SoulCare™ is about sanctification.

The key to SoulCare™ is mindfully entering into the already on-going process of sanctification by the Holy Spirit. He is making you whole and integrated, working out what God has worked in. What has He worked in? New life, of course! Spiritually, you are a new creation: holy, pure, righteous, a perfect child of God. And now, the Holy Spirit, your Great Counselor and Healer, is working that inward perfection outward into your soul and body. Your job is to willingly enter into His work by renewing your mind and living in obedience to who you really are in Christ. In this way, you are transformed from the inside out, so you begin to believe and think what He believes and thinks, can see yourself as He sees you, and can live in His TRUTH. And day by day, thought by thought, choice by choice as His perfect love casts out your fear, anxiety and stress and you learn to REST in that love, you become conformed to the image of Christ in you.

SoulCare™ is about renewing your mind.

See, the world teaches that change comes through behavior modification, self-discipline, and striving with the hope that the outer change will create inner transformation. It's always "try harder", "do more". But it doesn't work that way. God teaches that change happens from the inside out and that He's the one who changes you. As you cooperate with His work in you and renew your mind by learning from His Word about your new creation, new identity, new heart and new life in Christ, your thinking and emotions will heal and change, and flow out to your choices for how you live. Godly thinking equals godly choices and actions equals abundant life.

SoulCare™ is an invitation to mindfully enter into God's healing of your whole life.

And that's where we come in. We walk with you on your journey of sanctification and work with the Holy Spirit to guide you, instruct you, counsel you, support you and encourage you as you let God lovingly peel back the broken layers of your life to reveal and release the healthy, whole New Creation you already are in Christ. 

SoulCare™ is about being released into the absolute freedom and abundant life you already have in Christ.  

With SoulCare Pastoral Counseling you'll experience healing and freedom from the power of temptation and sin in your life, from destructive emotions and behaviors, from bitterness and unforgiveness, and from defeat in your Christian life and efforts to change.

You'll experience profound transformation in your thinking, emotions and daily choices, in your relationship with yourself and others, in your physical health, in your power for living the Christian life, and most importantly, in your relationship with God.

SoulCare™ is about deepening your relationship with Abba so you can REST in His love and BE transformed.

"For I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Jesus Christ."

Phillipians 1:6

The lie 

Our forefathers Adam and Eve swallowed the biggest Lie ever told and the whole world has lived in captivity to it ever since. Learn what the Lie was and how it still operates in your life today, sabotaging your every day life and relationships and stealing your amazing destiny in Christ.

Flesh wall 

We live out of our beliefs. Learn how your childhood relationships and experiences formed the false beliefs you may now live from, how your thoughts, emotions and behaviors flow out of those beliefs, and how to renew your mind with God's Truth so you can live after the Spirit instead of the flesh.

New creation 

1 Cor. 5:17 says you are a new creation and the old thing has passed away. Learn what that old thing was, how it died, and who you are now. Uncover your true identity and inheritance as a saint and a child of God and learn what that all means for your life and relationships here and now, not just in the by and by.

God concept 

Your relationship with your earthly father influences your perception of God as your heavenly Father. Uncover the hidden concepts you may hold about God, how they influence your relationship with Him and your (in)ability to rest in His love and trust Him with eveything in your life.

Abundant life 

You are already victorious in Christ. Plunge the depths of God's love for you, and your guaranteed victory in Him. Learn how to live the abundant life Jesus promised you now. Learn God's purpose for brokennes, how forgiveness unlocks Grace, and how to get off the treadmills of performance-based love.


About Your Practitioner

Picture of Leslie Strovas

About two weeks into functional medicine practice back in 2011, upon hearing a tragic patient story that involved murder, grief, loss, transiency and abuse from a very young age, Leslie recognized that this patient's life experiences were manifesting in very clear correlative and destructive ways in her body. She realized that there was much, much more to health than just a correctly functioning body: she could balance hormones, fix cells, douse inflammation, detox and change lifestyle habits for her patients, but until she addressed the soulical (mind, emotions, will) and spiritual aspects of disease, her patients would not fully heal.

Now she practices 3-in-1 Medicine™ that addresses the physical, soulical and spiritual root causes of disease. Her method brings healing to the whole person through Christian spiritual formation and discipleship, Christ-centered pastoral counseling and renewing of the mind, and God-honoring functional medicine.

All Things New Health & Wellness is the call of God upon her life and she can't imagine any greater privilege than serving the Body of Christ in this healing ministry.

She is also wife to Joseph, mom to three amazing grown and flown kids, and "meme" to four beloved and cossetted grandkids. She loves being outside in nature, ballet, singing, gardening, cooking and knitting. Oh, and a killer Manhattan now and again! 

Client Amanda


"Life and heart completely changed"

"The time I spent with Leslie was revolutionary and I emerged from our time together as a new creation." 

Amanda M.

Client Kate


"Personal attention to my health needs"

"I am so blessed by the depth of Leslie's knowledge and expertise in whole-person healing. And I am cancer free!"

Kate St.C.

SoulCare™ Pastoral Counseling