SoulCare™ Pastoral Counseling

 What type of counseling will I receive?

SoulCare™ pastoral counseling employs a method of discipleship/counseling utilizing spiritual, Biblical principles.  In this kind of Christian counseling, the Holy Spirit, not the counselor, is the teacher, and God becomes the agent of change, provided the disciple cooperates with Him.  Our goal is to convey a way of freedom from mental and emotional symptoms, poor physical health and unhealthy behaviors, family and marital conflict, and other difficulties, utilizing Exchanged Life principles.  All Things New does not practice psychotherapy nor are our counselors licensed psychotherapists.

What days and times is counseling available?

Counseling appointments, in-person or via Skype or FaceTime, are available primarily during daytime hours by appointment, Monday through Thursday 10am to 6pm.  Tuesday and Thursday evenings are available from 6pm until 9pm (last appointment scheduled at 8pm).


All Things New is not equipped for emergency crisis care.  The traditional recommendations for suicidal clients involve psychiatric/psychological care and/or inpatient help.  We are a discipleship/coaching practice.  Although we can sometimes help people in this area by sharing spiritual truths, our discipleship can take time that people needing emergency care cannot afford.

Who can pursue discipleship/counseling?

Any adult Christian 18-yrs of age or older who wishes to pursue a deeper relationship with God, greater freedom, joy, rest, and peace in their life may pursue counseling at All Things New.  Counseling is available both as a stand alone service and as part of our New Creation health programs.

How long does the discipleship/counseling process take?

Counseling sessions are generally 55 minutes in length and weekly appointments are ideal, especially in the beginning of the process.  Longer sessions are possible if necessary, pro-rated in 15 minute blocks. Depending on the nature of the problem, an individual can expect to spend three to six months in the counseling process, or longer if necessary.

Will the discipleship/counseling process be painful?

The Christian counseling process is a transformation process and is considered holy and sacred ground.  This is why it may be emotionally, mentally, and spiritually challenging.  However, we commit to walk with you as God touches your life and to encourage you to receive from Him what He wants you to know about yourself and about Himself so you may walk in increasing freedom victory and peace.

What is the cost of counseling?

The cost is $75 per session.  We offer different payment options for care receivers and are willing to work with you to make counseling financially approachable.  Counseling that takes place within one of our New Creation health programs is included in the total cost of the program.

Want more information?

Schedule your FREE SoulCare Pastoral Counseling Discovery Session today.  This 45-minute conversation is the best way for you to learn if All Things New Health & Wellness and SoulCare™ Pastoral Counseling is the best fit for you.


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