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Chronic Disease

The U.S. Center for Health Statistics defines chronic disease as disease that lasts 3 months or more. Neither vaccines or medication prevent it, nor does it just disappear. And it’s taking a terrible toll on us.

The Milken Institute reports:

  • More than 109 million Americans report having at least one of the seven most common chronic diseases, for a total of 162 million cases.
  • The total impact of these diseases on the economy is $1.3 trillion annually.
  • Of this amount, lost productivity totals $1.1 trillion per year, while we spend another $277 billion annually to treat it.
  • On our current path, in 2023 we project a 42 percent increase in cases of chronic diseases.

Chronic disease is the number one killer in the U.S. today with heart disease taking top honors, followed closely by cancer. And living with chronic disease is no picnic. It’s expensive to treat and painful to live with. It costs marriages, families, relationships, retirement savings, homes and dreams.

And despite advances in medicine, it’s not getting any better.  In 5 years we expect to see a 42% increase in chronic disease. It’s clear that something is dramatically wrong with the current system. Why is chronic disease at its current level and increasing? Why is our medical system seemingly powerless to stop it? How can we heal from chronic disease?

Man’s Way

Mainstream medicine is trying to do it their way instead of God’s way. They mostly look only at the body and try to heal patients from the outside in by managing symptoms with drugs or surgery. But God’s Word (1 Thess. 5:23) shows we are 3-parts-in-1; spirit, soul and body. All three parts work together and all three must be addressed if we are to experience healing.  Chronic disease in the body usually is pointing to a deeper problem in the soul and spirit.

God’s Way

God’s way is to heal from the inside out.  He began by fully healing the spirits of those of us who trust Christ by giving us the very life of Christ for our own life. We have been spiritually reborn with a new nature, a new identity, a new family and name, and a new destiny and inheritance. We are spiritually perfected.  And now, the Holy Spirit is working out into our souls and bodies the perfection God worked into our spirits at our salvation. The Bible calls this process sanctification and identifies it as the means by which God fully heals us.

God is our Healer, but we do play a very important part in our sanctification. Romans 12:2 tells us what it is:

“Therefore, do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your minds, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect.”

Our role is to stop doing it our way – the world’s way – and choose to do it God’s way. Do it the way Adam and Eve should have done it back in the Garden.  We are to actively seek a transformation which comes by renewing our minds with God’s truth. As we do, we’ll find ourselves doing things more and more God’s way and experience more and more healing in our whole lives, including our physical health.

How to Heal Chronic Disease

That’s where All Things New Health & Wellness comes in.  We practice root cause medicine or functional medicine which identifies the spiritual, soulical and physical root causes of your symptoms and chronic illness. We are different from other practices in that All Things New is Christ-centered, biblically-based and God-honoring in every aspect.

How it Works

First of all, your All Things New practitioner/counselor is a godly detective who gathers past and present clues from your spiritual, soulical and physical history.

Secondly, they use this information as well as the results of functional lab tests to piece together your unique health puzzle in a matrix which reveals the spiritual, soulical and physical antecedents, triggering events and mediators contributing to or causing your symptoms or chronic disease. In addition, the matrix marks a clear path to healing that partners with the Holy Spirit’s sanctifying work in your life.

Finally, we create a tailor-made plan just for YOU to meet your unique physical, soulical, and spiritual needs and goals. It will include a variety of healing and therapeutic approaches such as: pastoral counseling and spiritual formation/discipleship, nutrition, botanical medicines, nutritional supplements, mental and physical detoxification, prayer and laying on of hands, as well as lifestyle shaping to incorporate stress-management, exercise, hydration, play/rest and toxin-reduction into every day life.

Next Step

Root-cause medicine is healing for your whole being, spirit, soul and body, and can help you heal from chronic disease.  If the “medicine” of the world system has left you disappointed, frustrated and still suffering from chronic disease, don’t give up. There is another way which brings hope. There is God’s way.

We invite you to take the next step and schedule your FREE Health Discovery Session today to see if All Things New is the right partner for your healing journey.






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