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Weighting on Grace™ Program



Health = Wholeness

At All Things New we know that health is more than just a healthy body. The Bible defines true health as both wholeness in and integration of spirit, soul (mind) and body. And wholeness comes through sanctification by the Holy Spirit and our obedience to His revelation and leading in the Word of God.

Holy Bible

Inside-out Weight Loss

In Christ, you're already free from unhealthy eating and overweight and any other unhealthy pattern in your life. We teach you how to live in that freedom so you can lose weight and enjoy the abundant life Christ meant you to have.


Bible study for spiritual formation and maturity in your identity and inheritance in Christ


Christ-centered life coaching to renew your mind and heal your emotions and choices


Root cause medicine, God-honoring healing therapies, and lifestyle shaping


What Can You Achieve With The Weighting on Grace™ Program?

This program is different from others out there because it doesn't focus JUST on getting your body to function correctly so you lose weight. That's important, but your weight problem is really a symptom of a deeper problem. See, you're a 3-in-1 being made up of spirit, soul, and body. All your parts affect and influence each other. So, if your body isn't working right it's because your soul and spirit aren't working right either .

God starts there so that's where we start too. 

The key to the Weighting on Grace™ Program is mindfully entering into the process of sanctification by the Holy Spirit. He is working out what God worked in at your salvation. What did God work in? New life, of course! Spiritually, you are a new creation: holy, pure, righteous, a perfect child of God. And now, the Holy Spirit is working that inward perfection outward into your soul and body. Your job is to willingly enter into His work by renewing your mind and living in obedience to who you really are in Christ. In this way, you are transformed from the inside out, so you begin to believe and think what God believes and thinks, can see yourself as He sees you, and can live in TRUTH. And day by day, thought by thought, choice by choice as His perfect love casts out fear, anxiety and stress and you learn to REST in that love, you become conformed to the image of Christ.

Weighting on Grace™ is first and foremost a renewing-your-mind program.

See, the world primarily works on the outward perfection of the body with hopes it will work inward. But it doesn't work, as witnessed by the $1 trillion global industry that is health and wellness today. Our guess is it hasn't worked for you either, otherwise you probably wouldn't be reading this. But God promises His ways always work for those who choose to enter into and obey them.

Weighting on Grace™ is an invitation to mindfully enter into God's healing of your whole life..including your weight.

And that's where we come in; to walk with you on your journey of sanctification and to work with the Holy Spirit to guide you, instruct you, coach and counsel you, support you and encourage you as you let God lovingly peel back the broken layers of your health to reveal and release the healthy, whole New Creation you truly are in Christ. 

Weighting on Grace™ is about being released into the absolute freedom you already have in Christ.  

FREEDOM from...

  •  False beliefs and stressful emotions about food sabotaging your health
  •  Lifelong bondage to a dysfunctional relationship with food
  •  Destructive eating patterns destroying your temple
  •  Shame, guilt, and condemnation
  •  Distorted body image
  •  Relational separation 

You'll begin to walk in FREEDOM to...

  •  Appreciate your body as fearfully and wonderfully made
  • Be authentically who God created you to be
  •  Live in true peace that passes understanding
  •  Love and accept yourself unconditionally
  •  Experience true intimacy in relationships
  •  Joyfully offer your life as a living sacrifice
  •  Receive all the blessings of obedience
  •  Draw closer and closer to God
  •  Eat with gratitude and joy'll achieve a healthy weight!

Eat with joy

Food is spiritual, soulical and physical. Learn how your dysfunctional relationship with food began with the early life messages you received, is perpetuated by your false beliefs and flesh, and how to renew your mind with God's Truth so you can eat as you were meant to: with freedom, pleasure, joy and gratitude.

Beautiful body 

We live out of our beliefs. Learn how your perceptions of your body began with your childhood relationships and experiences, how you've formed false beliefs about your body that drive your thoughts, emotions and behaviors, and how to renew your mind with God's Truth about how wonderfully you are made.

Un- ashamed 

Shame is an inheritance from Adam, but you are now in Christ. Learn the true source of your shame around food, weight, and your body - it's not what you think - and how to walk in the freedom you already have in Christ, from shame, guilt and condemnation. Learn about the battle of the mind and your victory.

No more separation 

Separation from God, others and yourself was ended at the cross, but you can still choose to live as though it wasn't. Learn the ways your fear, anxiety and secret distrust separate you from the vital, healing love you need from God, others and yourself and how to live in healthy, God-glorifying relationship.

Weight loss 

Health is sowing and reaping. Learn how to sow seeds of physical, soulical and spiritual health every day so you reap the harvest of health. Functional medicine balances your hormones, heals your cells, organs and systems through lifestyle shaping, focused botanical medicines and God-honoring therapies to help you lose weight.


About Your Practitioner

Picture of Leslie Strovas

About two weeks into functional medicine practice back in 2011, upon hearing a tragic patient story that involved murder, grief, loss, transiency and abuse from a very young age, Leslie recognized that this patient's life experiences were manifesting in very clear correlative and destructive ways in her body. She realized that there was much, much more to health than just a correctly functioning body: she could balance hormones, fix cells, douse inflammation, detox and change lifestyle habits for her patients, but until she addressed the soulical (mind, emotions, will) and spiritual aspects of disease, her patients would not fully heal.

Now she practices 3-in-1 medicine that addresses the physical, soulical and spiritual root causes of disease. Her method brings healing to the whole person through Christian spiritual formation and discipleship, Christ-centered pastoral counseling and renewing of the mind, and God-honoring functional medicine.

All Things New Health & Wellness is the call of God upon her life and she can't imagine any greater privilege than serving the Body of Christ in this healing ministry.

She is also wife to Joseph, mom to three amazing grown and flown kids, and "meme" to five beloved and cossetted grandkids. She loves being outside in nature, travel, ballet, singing, gardening, cooking and knitting. Oh, and a killer Manhattan now and again! 

Client Amanda


"Life and heart completely changed"

"The time I spent with Leslie was revolutionary and I emerged from our time together as a new creation." 

Amanda M.

Holly F.


"Many AH-HA moments!"

"All our eating habits, food choices and lifestyle choices have changed for the better. We are thrilled with our persective and outlook on healthy weight moving forward."

Holly F.

New Creation Weighting on Grace™ Program