SoulCare Counseling Session 1-hour


A one-hour pastoral counseling session with your pastoral counselor.


Christ-centered Pastoral Counseling

Jesus told us that we would have trouble in this life and this world.  He also told us not to worry or be anxious, but to rejoice because he had overcome the world.  Many days, that may seem easier said than done.  But we can have the abundant life Jesus promised his followers if we learn how to work out our salvation and trust Jesus with our entire lives.  All Things New Health & Wellness offers Christ-centered counseling and discipling for women who want to grow in their faith, deepen their intimacy with Christ and have that precious peace that passes understanding which is the hallmark of the abundant life Jesus promised.

Rather than focusing on “fixing” the things in our lives – people, relationships, circumstances, problems – we teach and counsel with Exchanged Life principles.  We focus on understanding what Jesus really did for us on the cross, what it really means to be a new creation in Christ, and all the incredible implications for our lives.  We study the principles of false beliefs, truth, flesh, identity, renewing the mind, forgiveness, brokenness and abiding and how these principles play out in our daily Christian walk.

If you are facing a crisis or trial in your life, we invite you to seek the Lord and learn what he has for you in those circumstances.


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