The BEST 45 minutes you may ever spend

In your free SoulCare Discovery Session you will have an opportunity to:

  • Get to know us a bit.
  • Ask any and all questions you have about All Things New, our life and health coaching programs, and of course, yours truly.
  • Share a bit about yourself and the problem you need help with.
  • Visioneer (yes, that's a word!) a future for yourself where you see your problem solved and yourself enjoying the blessings of the new life you've created.
  • Learn how SoulCare can help you get what you want.
  • Learn everything you need to know about SoulCare life coaching upfront so you can decide whether it's the right fit for you.
  • Make a commitment to and an investment in yourself - IF - IF - IF - we BOTH decide we are a good match and can work together to get you what you want.
  • Walk away encouraged, inspired and excited about the vision you've created for your life AND the faith and confidence you need to make it a reality.
  • And last, but certainly not least, you'll get the opportunity to have someone pray for you, to meet a new sister, and make a new friend. 

Best. 45. ever.

Your absolutely FREE SoulCare Discovery Session takes place either by phone or via FaceTime or Skype - your preference - and will last about 45-minutes. We suggest you write down the questions you have for us before your session and have a paper and pen handy so you can take notes during our conversation.

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What your SoulCare Discovery Session is NOT

In your free SoulCare Discovery Session you will not experience:

  • High-pressure sales tactics. We don't do that because we don't need to. We know SoulCare has high value because we've witnessed first hand how it enables deep transformation in a person. We'll do our best to demonstrate that value and then the decision is up to you.
  • Any assumptions, judgement, shaming, rejection or lectures. You will only experience unconditional love and acceptance, geniune interest in you as a person, heartfelt compassion and understanding for your situation and absolute confidentiality of all that you share.
  • Any spiritual direction, coaching, or counseling. That all comes later if you decide to work with us. This session is designed to do one thing: help you decide if All Things New is the right partner for you.
  • Any bashing of other counseling or coaching systems, practices, people or institutions. We take very seriously Jesus' command to love our neighbor as ourselves, and as far as it concerns us, we do our very best to get along with everyone, even if we believe, think and do things differently.
  • Any misuse of your valuable time. We begin promptly and work from an agenda so we can ensure that you get all your questions answered and receive all the information you need to make a decision about whether All Things New is right for you.

Best. 45. ever.

Hear What Past Clients Have Said

Client Amanda

“ The time I spent with Leslie was revolutionary and I emerged from our time together as a new creation (and with a true friend as well.) If you’re struggling with something in your life that you just can’t break through, I would highly recommend working with Leslie. I am so grateful for her and her wisdom.”

- Amanda M.


"I struggled my whole life with no self-confidence and needing the approval of others to be happy. Now I'm free to love and accept who I am just because I'm God's beloved child."

- Claire M.

Truth: Nothing changes if nothing changes and the teacher will appear if the student is ready. If you've found us at this moment, then I bet you're ready for change and the time is ripe for you to become the new creation you already are. We may or may not be the right partner for you, but you'll never know until you find out. So don't delay. Schedule your SoulCare Discovery Session now.  

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