Mystery MedicineThere are countless ranges of nutritional supplements on the market at the moment. The pharmacy, health food stores, large-scale retailers and even the supermarket shelves are all filled with hundreds, if not thousands, of choices! So how are you to know which supplements will work for you and will meet your specific needs? And how do you know if they have been produced using high-quality, safe ingredients?  How do you even know that they contain what the label says they contain?  In 2016 the New York Attorney General found several major retailers selling products that did not even contain the stated ingredients, or were not standardized to the standards stated on the label.  So, how do you keep from getting scammed and stay safe when purchasing supplements to improve your health?

Simple:  Only purchase supplements from qualified healthcare practitioners (QHP’s).

  1.  QHP’s are practitioners who have spent years studying the biochemical intricacies of the body, and the many aspects of health and illness. Unlike the sales clerk in your typical retail location, these practitioners are equipped with the knowledge required to offer professional advice about nutritional supplementation. They are also professionally and ethically obliged and committed to ensuring you attain, and maintain optimal health and wellbeing.
  2. The manufacturing standards for supplements from companies who sell only to QHP’s is much more stringent than manufacturers who sell in mass retail because they are being used in a medical or clinical setting and therapies.  You will find exacting standards for ingredient purity and effectiveness, as well as exacting standards for ingredient standardization.  In addition, most QHP supplement manufacturers willingly seek out verification of these ingredients and standards from third-party organizations.
  3. Supplements from companies who sell only to QHP’s are backed by cutting edge scientific studies and clinical evidence for the effectiveness of the supplement, and are always providing continuing education and clinical expertise to practitioners who sell their supplements.   Your QHP will always have access to experts in the field of nutraceuticals and nutrition and, in this way, can develop a healing protocol that is best suited for your particular needs.
  4. You can be confident that you are getting a pure, safe and effective therapies from your QHP and that your money will not be wasted.

At All Things New we have vetted and tested many numerous QHP supplement companies and are confident that the ones we use in our healing protocols deliver effectiveness, safety, purity and a great value for our care receivers who wish to invest effectively and wisely in their health.

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